Doing a spot of online shopping on Christmas day? You're not alone

UK shoppers are set to spend over a billion pounds online on Christmas day this year.

It’s a reminder how much things have changed.

Those of you who can remember the advent of Sunday trading or the difficulty in getting a pint of milk on Boxing Day may sigh and feel a vague nostalgia for times gone by.

If you’re under 20 you’ve probably never known a world when you couldn’t fulfil your every shopping whim within seconds, you may not understand the fuss.


It’s not all naked consumerism. Lots of people will be enthusiastically loading music, books and games onto just unboxed devices, others redeeming their gift cards.

Others perhaps indulging in a bit of post-gifting me-time, browsing the sales by smartphone as a substitute for hitting bricks & mortar stores. Indeed, passive tracking research undertaken last year by the7stars showed smartphone usage peaks around 9pm once the main events of the day are done and we’re all settling into the main TV event of the day.

But the main thing to reflect on is that we live an increasingly secular society: the majority (53%) declared themselves as having “no religion” in the latest British Social Attitudes survey.

When your national holidays no longer align with your beliefs, and the device in your hand has trained you that delayed gratification is an outmoded concept, why wouldn’t you do a bit of sales shopping on the 25th?

So if you look up from you’re a food-coma and a significant other has their phone in one hand and their credit card in the other - don’t despair. This is modern Britain.

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