#Last Christmas I gave you an Apple Watch#

Picture this. Friday 23rd Dec 2016. 7.30pm. Oxford Circus. I'm searching for somewhere that sells a Chrome 44m Series 2 Apple Watch. 

I wouldn't say I celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense. I don’t put up a tree or send out cards. We have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve to coincide with my sister’s birthday and that consists of tandoori chicken and samosas.

Although we don't buy each other Christmas gifts I find myself battling the crowds desperately looking for the only gift my husband has slighted alluded to be interested in. Born on New Year’s Day, his Birthday stresses me out every year. I have to fight the Christmas crowds and this year doesn’t feel like it’s going to be any different.

First stop, Apple Store. I walk in confident. They don't have it. I walked out deflated.

I try Debenhams. They can order it in but it won't arrive until 2 days after his birthday. A helpful assistant tells me to try Selfridges but to not hold my breath. I want to cry.

Now Selfridges is my only hope. I arrive there and it is heaving. I dodge 3 women asking me to try the latest perfume. This is not why I’m here. The lift is overcrowded, so I take the escalator. But what if someone gets there first? Panic sets in. I start to jog up the stairs. The jog turns into a run. 5 floors up I collapse at the counter. 

'Apple Watch...Series...2...I…need it. Today’.


I'm drenched in sweat and slightly hyperventilating. The sales clerk looks at me and says nothing. I wish I'd had the sense to remove my seriously padded winter coat, bobbly hat, scarf and gloves before taking part in this Christmas quest. 

He smiles and tells me he will check to see if they have it. He goes off and I spend, what feels like, the longest 4 minutes of my life trying to catch my breath and overcome a serious stitch.

I see him walking back to the counter holding a small box. A sigh of relief. Lo and behold they do! The last one in store. It's a Christmas Miracle! 

I pay and leave the store. Clutching onto my gift for dear life. I’m one happy, albeit somewhat lightheaded, shopper. Mission accomplished. 

Maybe I DO do Christmas?

I hope I don't get mugged on the way home…

#This year, to save me from tears, I'm going to give you a gift card#

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