Every year, as the Christmas festivities begin and the tubs of Christmas chocolates start to fill our office we enter the annual debate over which is the best Christmas chocolate? So, this year, we decided to finally put an end to it.

What is the favourite tub?

We asked people to rate the big 4 tubs of sweets in order of preference. What we found was that there is a joint winner.

Quality Street2.png

Both Celebrations & Quality Street come out on top overall with 31%. Underlying this however are some key differences by demographic groups. Men are particularly keen on Celebrations and actually place Heroes in second place. Women on the other hand put Quality Street first, and Celebrations second. There are also difference by age, with younger people putting Celebrations first, whilst those aged 35+ state that Quality Street are their favourites. Not many people across the board are fans of Roses however.

And what is the favourite Quality Street?

With Quality Street coming in the top 2 tubs of Christmas sweets, we asked people to imagine they were sat in front of a big tub of Quality Streets on a cold winters evening, then to pick which chocolate they would reach for first, and which would stay firmly in the tin.

And we have a surprise winner…

Quality Street.png

The Honeycomb Crunch stole the top spot over favourites ‘The Purple One’ and ‘Caramel Swirl’, which slipped into 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

A particular favourite among 18-24 year olds, The Honeycomb Crunch is described as an exciting (20%) and happy (18%) chocolate, emotions we’d all like to associate with this time of the year.

Chocolates described as ‘traditional’, such as the Milk Choc Block and Fudge, dominated the middle of the table, whilst those described as ‘sickly’, such as the Orange and Strawberry Cremes were pushed towards the bottom alongside the toffees and Coconut Éclair.

So, whilst many may be fighting over the last Honeycomb Crunch, I’ll be enjoying my Strawberry Delight in peace.

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