Becki Jarvis - Research Director

When did you start with Trinity McQueen?

I started with Trinity McQueen in March 2012 as a Research Manager, and have progressed to Research Director.

What skills have been the most useful in helping you progress?

Project management and building relationships both within the team and with your clients.  Communication and building rapport with clients is important and we all have our own style of doing this.  Finding your own style that works is crucial.

Who have you turned to for support and advice when you’ve needed it?

A variety of people at different stages in my career.  My line manager has always been a support, as have directors when I’ve been looking at the next step.  Having a mentor has helped me find my own solutions to client issues and balancing daily pressures.

What has been your biggest challenge in your career to date?

My biggest challenge was working as a Senior Research Consultant with Principles, which was when I became a proper Quallie.  I moved from social to commercial research and had to be resourceful and adapt quickly.  I had to be very self-reliant, with minimal support and this taught me a great deal.

What wouldn’t you change about your career?

Working for Trinity McQueen.  I had applied for a Quant role 18 months prior to actually joining, but knew it was not the right time for me.  I was therefore nervous about applying a second time!  However, I would not change this for the world based on the opportunities my hard work has given me.

What would you go back and tell your younger self?

I would advise myself to invest in CIM training and gain an official qualification in my profession.  I would also have developed my commercial awareness.  Finally, don’t burn bridges and be more open to accepting you don’t know it all; feedback isn’t always critical!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to develop their career at Trinity McQueen?

Keep calm when needed, show your excitement, be professional, don’t take things personally.  Stay curious. Know that a lateral move can create just as many opportunities as an upwards one. Finally, be yourself.

Chris Handford