Laura Morris - Director

When did you start with Trinity McQueen?

I started with the company 8 years ago as an Associate Director and then took a leap of faith and out myself forward to set up the London office.  After that, I returned to Leeds and took on responsibility for national sales.  At the time of our management buy-out from Brass, I became a Director and have been in that role now for about 4 years.

What skills have been the most useful in helping you progress?

Attitude matters massively in terms of being proactive, passionate and energetic.  Showing commitment, being positive and demonstrating a can-do attitude are also important.  Teamwork rather than being in it for yourself is crucial.  Finally, carving out a specialism for yourself (mine is sales) and being seen as a leader in that area, who can inspire others.

Who have you turned to for support and advice when you’ve needed it?

Using my wider network has been invaluable; whether it’s been HR, former colleagues or having a MRS Mentor. My peers and current colleagues, along with former line managers earlier in my career, have been a great source of support.

What has been your biggest challenge in your career to date?

I experienced a period where my role had expanded almost too far into marketing as well as sales and I needed to admit I was over-exposed.  This was new territory for me as I believed as a Director I should be able to cope.  However, after taking some time to reconnect with the team and reassessing with my peers where I could really give the best for the company, it’s reinforced that my strength and passion is sales.

What wouldn’t you change about your career?

Where I work and the people I work with as people are integral.  Our people are friendly, team spirited and whilst we take things seriously, we don’t take it too seriously.  We find the right balance.

What would you go back and tell your younger self?

Remind myself that I am still learning and don’t know everything.  Also, to listen more as it’s the most powerful skill to develop.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to develop their career at Trinity McQueen?

Be proactive and seek out opportunities as they won’t come to your doorstep.  Show willingness and be the master of your own destiny.  Don’t think in a linear fashion; there are many different career paths in research. Prove yourself!
Chris Handford