The age of influence

Brands are increasingly dedicating more of their marketing spend to partnerships with social media influencers. But who do influencers really reach - is it just young people? And what impact do influencer partnerships have on purchase behaviour and brand perceptions?

Our new, robust quantitative and qualitative study, combined with social media listening, looks into:

  • What makes a good influencer – we identify the most influential people across different social media platforms, who they are influencing and why people follow them


  • What makes a successful collaboration – we evaluate the performance of a range of brand-influencer collaborations to determine what is important in creating a successful collaboration and how to avoid the pitfalls


  • Impact on behaviour and perceptions – we determine the impact of brand-influencer collaborations on future behaviour and brand perceptions


  • The future of influencer marketing – we explore the rise of micro-influencers and the trade-off between reach and engagement vs. high-profile influencers  


  • The importance of trust – we look at the impact of trust on driving effectiveness and set out some guiding principles for how brands can ensure they maximise trust both in terms of the influencer and their sponsored content


Influencer insights

Discover the key insights from our study on influencers in the slideshow below or download to read later...


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