So you think you know your own mind? A canny decision-maker immune to manipulation? Well think again… On Tuesday night in Leeds Richard Shotton brought us all down a peg or two by illustrating powerfully how we’re slaves to our psychological biases. Whether it’s the ‘price anchoring’ that convinces us that astronomically expensive coffee pods are great value, or the ‘pratfall’ effect that uses overt flaws to make us like big brands more. Who knew that the long wait for a Guinness could be harnessed to such great effect?

Our clients tell us that there is real appetite within their organisations to apply the principles of behavioural science, but translating the theory into practice can be a challenge. It’s an area that we are harnessing in our work as we blend tech-enabled methods to go beyond ask-answer research. Whether it is going with the grain of human behaviour, making choices more intuitive or plugging into our hard-wired system 1 impulses to make us want to buy the applications of behavioural science are vast.

Thanks to all our clients and partners for supporting the event and making it such an entertaining evening. If you want to explore how behavioural science can push the boundaries of your research programmes please get in touch.