Upping our Elvis!

On 29th June we held our annual company away day, one of the few days a year the entire team gets together to share all our exciting company news and triumphs over the last 12 months.

Trinity McQueen joins the 100 Club

We are proud of Leeds.  It’s a city on the up and is where our company was founded.

And we’ve not forgotten our roots.

We feel it is important to ‘give something back’ to the city and support local community projects. Trinity McQueen has recently joined Leeds Community Foundation and we’re delighted to be new members of the 100 Club.

Online outlets are winning the battle against traditional broadcasters but not yet the war

There is a shift occurring. Put a stethoscope to your TV screen, your radio and your thumb-worn print magazines. They need help. Because attitudes towards traditional media channels and the brands that lead them have changed. Consumers’ lifestyles have changed. They want everything and they want it now, something we delved into in our recent Audiences Unbound study.

Who's lovin' you online?

Okay so the title may be slightly misleading. This isn’t about Tinder (and it has even less to do with a well-known Jackson 5 song).

I recently attended &more, a MRS conference for young researchers.

Chris Handford
Innovate or fail

What better way to kick off the day than reading about Britain’s biggest 100 brands, as part of the latest issue of the Grocer.

Whilst sipping a coffee from the local Pret and waiting for my Oat So Simple to heat up, my attention was drawn to lots of familiar brand names in the top 100. 

Why we shouldn't underestimate the power of qual

Sat opposite my husband and his sister in a restaurant. They both order tea. It arrives. Tea bag wrapped in paper. Hot water in a pot. A cup and saucer to go with it.

He places the teabag inside the pot and leaves it to stew. She places hers inside the cup and pours the hot water over it.

I witnessed how 2 people, from the same family, approached this in a completely different way to one another.

WARC Brainy Bar

It was standing room only at the third Brainy Bar event.

Run by Walnut in conjunction with WARC, the idea is for clients, vendors and agencies involved in neuroscience (the “brainy” part) to get together in Creston’s bar (the “bar” part) to share case studies and best practice.

Familiar territory

I’ve just got back from a fantastic family holiday – I was lucky to spend some time on the West Coast of America. We visited the hipster metropolis of San Francisco, but most of our travelling time was in-land, rural and another side of America altogether.

Personalisation: the value adding factor that speaks to consumer needs

Within consumer retail one single topic has dominated conference presentations and white papers recently – personalisation.  Personalisation is a top strategic priority for many retailers and brings with it a whole host of organisational challenges such as achieving the right structure and alignment across internal teams, embedding the right culture and processes to power personalisation initiatives as well as overcoming operational limitations.

Ad break: Find your magic

Even with a degree in advertising psychology I still find myself tuning out most of the adverts I see on TV. So when an ad does manage to filter its way through the distractions on my mobile phone, I can get really excited about it.