Ad break: I'm a Lovin' Pork

This one certainly caught my attention, “Love Pork’s” new ad, “Achieve Lazy Pulled Pork”.

This campaign supports the AHDB Pork Board’s strategy for growth, following several years of stagnating prices. The trouble with pork is that it struggles to offer premiumisation, especially when it’s up against beef. But what a response.

Personally, I love this ad.  It has a strong, single minded proposition – cooking a pork joint is soooo easy (even a bloke can do it).  Kick back and let it cook itself.  And that the Sunday roast centre piece needn’t ‘steal’ the best part of the day.  Great insight.  The execution is amusing (and therefore memorable) and the setting real (ish).  I’m assuming the characters will feature in sequels, so there’s some storytelling to come (me thinks).  Watch this space.

However, AHDB’s decision to hang the ad on a signature dish is a master stroke.  Pulled Pork for the mainstream.  You’ve had it as pub grub, at Reds True BBQ; now do it yourself.  It’s easy and convenient plus it travels neatly into retail and POS.  And linking with digital media should turn inspiration to action and begin deliver on the overall strategy.