Ad break: Find your magic

Even with a degree in advertising psychology I still find myself tuning out most of the adverts I see on TV. So when an ad does manage to filter its way through the distractions on my mobile phone, I can get really excited about it.

The latest to excite me is the new advert from Lynx which has done a 180 on their outdated ‘The Lynx Effect’ campaign to the new ‘Find Your Magic’. Lynx have traditionally targeted teenage boys aspiring to emulate the traditional image of masculinity: boys who become men by having half naked women (or angels) falling in admiration at their feet. But now they’re changing their advertising to keep in line with the modern view of what it means to be a man.

Guyliner, manscaping, man-bag, brosé; these are all new words that show that the definition of manliness is moving and that sexiness among men can be expressed far wider than the attraction of women. Lynx have moved perfectly with the times in their new ad. Aimed at university aged men, the ‘Find your Magic’ advert focuses on the individual quirks that make everyone unique and challenges the notion that men have to look and behave in a certain way. This change came about from research which showed that 9 in 10 women find guys most attractive when they are comfortable being themselves.

With the opening line “Come on, a six pack, who needs a six pack when you’ve got the nose?” they’re making fun of their old adverts and showing men being interesting and attractive in their own individual way.

There’s been a lot of noise recently about outdated anti-feminist portrayals of women in the media and I’m really glad to see a global brand like Lynx challenging traditional male stereotypes. Here’s hoping their new campaign is successful and they don’t go back to the misogynistic Lynx effect ads of old.  I’m digging this ad like I’m digging a man with kittens in his beard.