Changing energy suppliers really can save you time and money!

We’d just bought our first home. After nearly 6 months of trawling through Rightmove, organising viewings, filling out endless paperwork, a gazumping and then getting chucked out of our rented flat as the Estate Agent failed to sign a vital piece of paperwork (that’s a story for another time) the last thing we wanted to do was faff around with finding a new energy supplier.

So, like many people, I just phoned up the existing supplier, submitted our details, and was tied into a contract for the next year.

12 months later, a letter came through the post.

“Your energy bill will be increasing. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause”

…or words to that effect.

Now, I am lucky enough (I think) to live with an early adopter who is constantly looking for new tech or money saving solutions. We’d already had Nest installed (which is a smart thermostat that learns how you use energy - fantastic by the way if you’re thinking of getting one), and after months of pestering, I gave in to some Phillips Hue lightbulbs for the kitchen (a smart lightbulb that you can control from your phone - also great, and showed their worth when they scared off a burglar because we turned them on from upstairs which lit our house up like a beacon!)

So, when he came to me with a new product that could swap our energy supplier efficiently and also constantly search for the best deal for us for a mere £25 a year, I felt like I should hear him out.

Although I was dubious and it sounded too good to be true, I really think ‘Flipper’ could change the way we shop for energy.

What is Flipper?

Essentially, for £25 a year, Flipper saves you money by seamlessly switching you onto the best energy deals. And that’s it. You fill out your details once, and they take care of the rest. You get updates each month where they tell you whether you are still on the best deal, or whether there is a better one for you and they will switch you.

So far, we are saving around £25 a month vs our old energy supplier – so £300 a year.

Not bad for a £25 investment! For me, Flipper breaks down the barrier that has prevented me from switching in the past, and I can’t help but think they have spotted a gap in the market by tapping into our desire to get the best deal and balancing this with a time saving aspect, making it more effortless. And we all like the ‘path of least resistance’ don’t we?

Now I just need one for our mortgage!