Infographics - design, data and story. That's it. Simple

As a new member to the AQR I was intrigued to attend my first breakfast bites session. I know how to do infographics right? Yes, I have the basic skills but I was eager to do some fine tuning and meet some new faces.

The session was held at one of our usual haunts Spectrum viewing facility in Leeds. At first, it was strange to be as part of the group rather than moderating but our group of 15 soon got into the swing of it.

Our moderator Rachel had an obvious passion for insight and making the story land with clients.  

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We started with the theory. Design, data and story. These are the three components we need to master. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t overcomplicate it. Rachel taught us to break out of the usual way we create visuals and get back to basics. Draw on paper and draw again. Develop your ideas as you discuss to get to the real story.

In our small teams we took a debrief and produced our infographic. I put my unrefined drawing skills to the test and after four or five iterations we got there. We were happy with the outcome and learnt the basic principles along the way.

Believe it or not, we can all be creative. Give it a go.

By Becki Jarvis

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