Our Lille rendezvous

Summer time typically means another reason for team Trinity to get together and enjoy a team away day. This year, the London team ventured to Lille for a day trip on 19th July.

The journey was quick and efficient thanks to Eurostar. Despite an early start, we felt energised and ready to explore everything Lille has to offer.

Our tour started with a walk around the old town, followed by a quick drink - or two - in one of the local bars.

We are not short of foodies in the London team so a delicious lunch was a must. Two hours of great steaks, fish and wine later we were ready for some serious activity.

Some of us chose cycling around the city, others explored its canals on a hired boat. Those who appreciate art and architecture explored a local modernist house, their photos are stunning. There was also one keen shopper who found a bit of retail therapy on the day.

As the day was coming to an end, we reflected on our Lille experiences in a rather loud Eurostar train carriage.

It's not the first time we went to Lille together and probably not the last one. 

Chris Handford