Why the brands we love and trust are all about making life easier

A typical day for me starts when my 5-year-old bursts into the bedroom wanting to go downstairs for breakfast.  Rolling over I check my Samsung phone to reveal that it’s only 5.30am in the morning!

Crawling out of bed we head down to the kitchen where I prepare my daughters Quaker Oats instant porridge.  While she eats her breakfast I get ready for work.  I manage to grab a quick cup of tea and then book my train ticket using the Trainline App.  I then panic and remember that my daughter needs a yellow T-Shirt for her school sports day at the end of the week.  With no way of getting to the shops before then, I do a quick search on Amazon and find a T-shirt that will be delivered tomorrow – just in time!

Then it’s off to school and work.

After work I do a quick top up shop in Aldi grabbing some bits for tonight’s dinner.  I grab some Quorn mince and pasta – quick and easy dinner tonight.

After dinner I log on to Booking.com to find a hotel for a surprise weekend break to the East Coast for our wedding anniversary.  Within a few minutes I’ve found the ideal place at a really good price.


Finally it’s off to bed.  Snuggled up with my Kindle I realise I’ve only got a few pages of my book to read.  Logging onto Amazon I download my next read and as usual fall asleep with my Kindle still on propped up on a pillow next to me.

As I think about my typical day, one thing is clear to me.  I’m pretty loyal to the brands I use – I’ve discovered brands that make my life easier.  I don’t have to think, they do the job for me.

I’ve used Samsung phones for years – easy to use, reliable and a great battery life, why would I change?  Quakers instant porridge saves me time in the morning.  Where would I be without Amazon for those last minute buys? Aldi provides me with a quick and easy grocery shopping experience and Booking.com has enabled me to easily secure a well deserved break with my other half.

An article in the Harvard Business Review written by Margaret Molloy explains what makes successful brands and clearly sums up the loyalty I have to the brands I engage with on a day to day basis.

“The greatest brands make life simple. Think Google, Amazon, or even Dunkin’ Donuts. They cut through the clutter by delivering what consumers want, when they want it, without hassle. By simplifying customer experience in a complex world, these brands win customer loyalty.”

Life is complex and purchase decisions are largely made through system 1 thinking – irrational, instinctive and emotional.  For a brand to stand out from all the noise it needs to tap into this system 1 thinking.  Be the brand that makes consumer lives easier.  Which brands do that for you?

Roseann Smith - Research Director

Annabel Gerrard