Trinity McQueen at Leeds Digital Festival


Trinity McQueen were proud to be a part of the Leeds Digital Festival this week, a city-wide event to celebrate the digital community in Leeds. Exploring the role that digital technology plays in consumers lives has become a key part of our research offering, so we were excited to share our latest thinking and showcase how we are using technology more than ever before, to get closer to real-life behaviour.

Sunam kicked off our first talk by sharing a project recently conducted with Internet Matters, that unearthed the concerns and worries of parents when it comes to their children’s online safety. Most parents welcome the vast benefits that the internet brings to their children. However, the perils of the ‘dark web’ are also front of mind and parents increasingly recognise the importance of building digital resilience. 

Ant & Laura shared an insightful outlook into how market research has moved on dramatically in the last decade. In line with the advent of ‘big data’ and new digital listening tools, researchers are getting much closer to real-life consumer behaviour more than ever before. We showcased approaches such as passive tracking, mobile ethnography and fixed camera observations - techniques we are adopting more and more at Trinity McQueen.  

Our final talk focused on the topical area of Trust. Drawing upon on our recent work with Open Banking, we shared insight into the issue of consumer trust in a data-driven age. Whilst technology can enhance trust it can also create anti-trust issues at the same time. We also explored what Open Banking is doing in terms of creating opportunities for both consumers and new, innovative FinTech firms and banks to get more from their digital data assets.

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Katie Grundy