Trinity McQueen supporting The Leeds Community Foundation


Every year, the Leeds Community Foundation help thousands of charities and voluntary groups across the city by distributing grants and providing advice.  They do this through the support of local businesses and individuals, connecting people who want to make a difference to the city. Last year alone, the foundation gave out over £6 million to nearly 500 groups across Leeds and Bradford.

The 100 Club was set up by Leeds Community Foundation as a special patronage scheme to help the Foundation grow its work and grant making capacity.

Trinity McQueen became a member of the 100 club in 2017.  It made sense!  Not only would our donation make more of a difference through a patronage scheme but we’re also helping the organisation to support worthy causes on our doorstop.

Being a member of the 100 Club isn’t just about supporting the foundation.  Members meet regularly at themed networking events where we get to hear the challenges that Leeds face and new initiatives being put into place. The events also provide a direct opportunity to find out about the important work that is being undertaken by the community groups themselves.

Many of the charities that are supported don’t just need ‘monetary’ help, often it’s skills or time and that’s when members of the 100 Club can make more of a difference and be personally involved.

Trinity McQueen are proud to have been able to support the LCF with our research skills.  The LCF were looking to conduct some research with current 100 Club members to help inform strategy and initiatives to boost member engagement.  Whilst they were initially looking at some training on how to run focus groups, Trinity McQueen were delighted to offer time and skills to complete the project for them.  We conducted several focus groups, analysed the findings and presented the research insight to the LCF along with detailed recommendations.  We know that decisions are being made off the back of the findings and we are looking forward to jointly presenting, with LCF, the research and next steps at a future 100 Club event.

Trinity McQueen have been fantastic to work with, generously giving up their time to conduct invaluable market research which has enabled us to gain an insight into our key supporters.  Their attention to detail and creative approach has made the process seamless and thoroughly enjoyable.  Their friendly approach has meant that we have developed a great working relationship with them and appreciate their dedication and focus they have on making a real difference to their local community.
— Rachel Evans, Community Development Officer

If your business is located within the Leeds area and you’re looking to support a charity, we strongly recommend you consider joining the 100 Club. 

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By Roseann Smith, Research Director

Katie Grundy