Breadwinner – maximising our agency visibility in the North

If you’re a client looking to commission market research or indeed any other marketing service where do you go if you are starting out fresh?

Finding a suitable research agency or marketing agency partner has no doubt become trickier as the research and marketing industry has fragmented further and further over the past decade.  Weeding out insight consultancies from technology platform providers and fieldwork agencies is far harder nowadays and knowing who to trust can be fraught.  It also helps if you know exactly what service you are looking to buy and how the agency can help. 

It is therefore no wonder that clients can often default to the easier System 1 choice of agencies they’ve previously worked with or who have the biggest reputations and brand visibility as this provides a time-saving, lower-risk short-cut. 

The Breadwinner network of agencies is an agency intermediary service that aims to help clients find the best marketing agency partners in the Yorkshire region – a carefully curated and pre-screened collection of the brightest local marketing agencies.  Trinity McQueen recently became a member of Breadwinner as we felt this would provide us with additional opportunities to promote and grow our business to prospective clients – perhaps clients looking to get a non-London, non-filter-bubble perspective, for example!   

Our heritage is in Yorkshire with our HQ based in Leeds and it felt like a natural fit.  It is also complementary to the other marketing channels we use to reach out to new clients and grow our reputation – channels such as social media and conference speaking, for example.  We are currently one of only 2 hand-picked research agencies within the network. 

We recently ran a joint breakfast briefing event in Leeds with Breadwinner where we presented the results of our latest research into Influencer Marketing.  The event was promoted to a wide network of marketing agencies and end clients.  Over 60 people attended and the feedback was fantastic.    

Finding the right new agency partner can be fraught for clients but with networks like Breadwinner the legwork of filtering agencies is at least done already.  It’s hopefully a win-win situation for all involved. 

Katie Grundy