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Influencer marketing: uncovering the truth on effectiveness

At Trinity McQueen we’re always excited about new trends in marketing and consumer behaviour, and it hasn’t escaped our notice over the past few years just how prevalent influencer marketing has become.  We wanted to bust a few myths and more about this topic and so set about a new research study of our own into the effectiveness of influencer marketing. 

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ThinkingChris Handford
Behavioural Economics at the Brainy Bar

Given my penchant for all things brainy, I decided to check out the Brainy Bar, an event affiliated with WARC which gathers people interested in applying neuroscience to understand consumers. This session focused on behavioural economics, which combines economic models with psychology to forge powerful accounts of how people make decisions in a real-world setting. Below are some of the key points made throughout the talks that evening.

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Digital content discovery needs a human touch

As the digital economy has grown and flourished, consumer’s understanding of how they are being targeted and monetised by brands has often been playing catch up. But now, marketers are faced with increasingly savvy audiences who are not only harder to reach via traditional advertising, but are also inured to traditional hierarchical modes of communication between brand and consumer.

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Emotional Intelligence. It's time to get excited!

Shopping for a book shouldn’t really be a stressful experience. When my son was a few weeks old I went to a bookshop on my local high street. Suddenly the cosy store with its studious atmosphere and hushed tones, that had once felt relaxing, made me anxious given my son’s love of screaming. So for a few months I stuck to shops where I felt comfortable and that I perceived as child-friendly.

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Changing energy suppliers really can save you time and money!

We’d just bought our first home. After nearly 6 months of trawling through Rightmove, organising viewings, filling out endless paperwork, a gazumping and then getting chucked out of our rented flat as the Estate Agent failed to sign a vital piece of paperwork (that’s a story for another time) the last thing we wanted to do was faff around with finding a new energy supplier.

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Online outlets are winning the battle against traditional broadcasters but not yet the war

There is a shift occurring. Put a stethoscope to your TV screen, your radio and your thumb-worn print magazines. They need help. Because attitudes towards traditional media channels and the brands that lead them have changed. Consumers’ lifestyles have changed. They want everything and they want it now, something we delved into in our recent Audiences Unbound study.

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Why we shouldn't underestimate the power of qual

Sat opposite my husband and his sister in a restaurant. They both order tea. It arrives. Tea bag wrapped in paper. Hot water in a pot. A cup and saucer to go with it.

He places the teabag inside the pot and leaves it to stew. She places hers inside the cup and pours the hot water over it.

I witnessed how 2 people, from the same family, approached this in a completely different way to one another.

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Personalisation: the value adding factor that speaks to consumer needs

Within consumer retail one single topic has dominated conference presentations and white papers recently – personalisation.  Personalisation is a top strategic priority for many retailers and brings with it a whole host of organisational challenges such as achieving the right structure and alignment across internal teams, embedding the right culture and processes to power personalisation initiatives as well as overcoming operational limitations.

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