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As brands become increasingly defined by digital interactions with users, research that assesses experiences, builds empathy with audiences and shines a light on true behaviour is increasingly crucial to success

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Creative research solutions, people centred thinking
Our suite of qualitative, quantitative and behavioural solutions guide the creation of superior products and services, engaging experiences and compelling brand communications



Our user centred research services


Uncovering real behaviour

We use a range of exploratory qualitative and quantitative solutions to observe real behaviour in-situ and grow empathy with users for product and development teams:

  • Ethnography (In-person, mobile, video)

  • Experience safaris

  • Contextual inquiry

  • Eye-tracking

  • Passive tracking

  • Diary studies

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User experience strategy

Research that uncovers the foundations on which to build truly superior and relevant experiences - combining fresh insights with clear actions and practical application:

  • Market trends and segmentation

  • Competitor and market benchmarking

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Persona development

  • Empathy mapping

  • Card sorting

  • Workshops, customer closeness and focus groups


Usability testing

Discover what audiences actually do, see and experience when they engage with your content, products or brand. What works, what could be better and what will make your experience truly shine:

  • Research sprints

  • Lab-based testing

  • Remote testing - moderated and unmoderated

  • Product trials (physical and digital)

  • Heuristic reviews

  • In-life experience tracking

We're obsessed with real behaviour
We use the latest technology and behavioural thinking to shine a light on real behaviour. We find the opportunities that lead to the best products and experiences



Our approach to UX research


A holistic view of experience

Any review of user experience needs to cover more than just the ability to get from point A to point B successfully. It needs to understand the full value offered by a site, app, device or experience – this includes quality of content, feature benefits, design, tone, the competitive market and yes, ease of use. Our approach takes a holistic view incorporating each of these elements together with insights into users’ lives to assess the complete experience.

When possible we research behaviour and test experiences with users in their own environments, using the devices they are familiar with and the journeys that reflect their natural behaviour.


Technology enhanced approach

We use the latest technology to get closer to truthful behaviour - researching participants remotely, overcoming the inaccuracies of self-reporting and gathering feedback in-the-moment to uncover new opportunities. Technology enables us to do all of this and do it faster, with more agility and cost effectively!

  • Passive tracking solutions

  • Mobile and video ethnography

  • Remote screen recording

  • Innovation communities

  • Eye tracking

  • Neuro-analysis

We use a new state of the art viewing lab based in Leeds and have access to a network of facilities across the UK and Europe.



Building empathy; delivering clear direction

Our outputs combine rich insights into real users lives that build empathy with clear actionable direction - both focused on helping build superior experiences. Our UX research deliverables span:

  • Personas in print and online

  • Customer journey maps

  • Empathy mapping

  • Virtual ‘Research walls’ and research micro-sites

  • ‘Jobs to be done’ reports

  • Videos

  • Prototype designs and copywriting

Multi-channel specialists
Our work delivering great brand experiences spans digital, physical, voice and multi-channel services







Connected homes (IoT, Broadband)


Self-serve (Kiosks, Bank Machines)




TV & Video




In situ (Retail, Travel, Hospitality)

Examples of how we’ve successfully supported the creation of great experiences for leading brands...


Projects trialling the effectiveness of apps, online services and product experience

(Surveys, Interviews, Communities)


Assessing the User Experience of the boots.com website for Christmas gift buying (Lab based usability tests)


Helping optimise experience of an app designed to teach kids the value of money (Product trial with surveys & parent interviews)


Series of projects to identify best practice and journey optimisation for Open Banking apps

(UX surveys, Workshops, Communities)


Tracking website user experience and supporting development of new features

(Intercept survey, remote UX)


User Experience tracking and product trials for BT & TalkTalk’s smart TV platform (Surveys, Community trials)


Exploring the role of mobile in the car buying journey and opportunities to improve UX
(Passive tracking, Interviews, Surveys)


Assessing and guiding experience of booking and travel, across digital and physical touchpoints (Surveys)

Thank you all for the great work that you have done on this project... the report is a fantastic summary of the project and provides the insights we were looking for to improve the app.
— Experian

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