Quantitative Specialist (Leeds)

We are looking for a confident, creative Quanty to join the team in Leeds.

This is a new role, specifically crafted for a hybrid researcher: we want the knowledge and ability of a seasoned quant researcher combined with the creativity to craft new solutions. Someone confident enough to start with a blank sheet of paper and develop new approaches for clients, challenging their thinking, then fire up the team to help deliver.

The ideal candidate will be commercially astute and is likely to have earned their stripes in an agency environment.  

This is all about creating something new. You’ll need to be a self-starter.

Key skills

Client management

  • ·         Develops new relationships and comfortable wearing a “new business” hat
  • ·         Inspires confidence in senior clients
  • ·         Key point of contact for their accounts
  • ·         Delivers confident and convincing presentations to clients
  • ·         Writes winning proposals and pitch documents  

Core research skills

  • ·         You need to have all the complex quant methods under your belt and be able to wax-lyrical about them spontaneously, training junior team members as required
  • ·         Conjoint, max diff, segmentation etc should be a walk in the park
  • ·         A specialist area – e.g. best practice brand tracking or CX tracking
  • ·         Your skillset is not “let’s roll out a standard tool” but understanding the client’s objectives and crafting a bespoke tool, model or technique for them
  • ·         In short: we’re not interested in people who have coasted along at a big agency working on black-box solutions – we need an independent thinker
  • ·         Excited by the possibilities of data and always wanting to learn more and push boundaries
  • ·         You’ll be procuring cutting-edge suppliers to service client needs. If you think there is a big data or AI supplier that could help, you’ll be specifying the requirement and bringing them on board
  • ·         Managing supporting teams (e.g. field or DP) effectively to meet client needs
  • ·         Experience working on large scale and longitudinal projects and online platforms

Business skills

  • ·         Strong time management skills and ability to prioritise own and Junior Executives time
  • ·         Delegate work effectively to junior members of team
  • ·         Ability to work to deadline and manage client expectations
  • ·         Monitor and control project out costs and manage time on jobs profitably
  • ·         Keep up to date with the latest developments in research techniques and can advise both clients and our team on the most effective ways to deliver research

Wow factor

We are particularly interested in candidates who can demonstrate the following, but these are nice to haves:

  • ·         Entrepreneurial zeal
  • ·         An opinion. Being frank – you should have a clear idea about how things should be done and convince the leaders of the company to invest in your proposed solution
  • ·         Proven business impact in retail, brand tracking, media and technology

Must haves

  • ·         Research agency experience
  • ·         Evidence of clients who want to work with you
  • ·         Good communication / presentation skills. Just as comfortable talking to others about  the data as working with the data
  • ·         The passion and warmth needed to lead and inspire others. People should want to work with you and learn from you.
  • ·         Strong academic background


For more information or to apply for the role, please send your CV and covering letter to Danielle Hume (Research Director) on d.hume@trinitymcqueen.com  

Chris Handford