Making ads ‘click’ with predictive cultural alignment

One of the enduring challenges of crafting effective ad content is making it ‘click’ with your audience. We all know what we mean when we say this, but can’t quite define it. How do you make content ‘resonate’ or ‘hit the mark’?

Customer metrics and data will only tell you so much when analysing and optimising ad content. Applying universal engagement measurements to content will eliminate one crucial element that no one can afford to neglect – context. In particular, cultural context. 

The elusive ‘click’ with an audience comes down to cultural alignment – referencing and incorporating relevant cultural signage to engage your audience, and anchor it in current trends and themes. The associations you create between your brand and the cultural landscape will form strong audience perceptions and significantly affect brand strength. 

The problem is that an awareness of current cultural trends does not provide enough basis to create successful ad content. When you’re creating content months in advance, how are you supposed to be able to understand and predict the cultural landscape at the time of the content’s release? A failure to accurately anticipate will ensure that your content falls flat when it comes into contact with your audience down the line.

We believe that prediction is everything. Understanding how the environment influences decision-making is only half the story. You need to change how you forecast the cultural dynamics if you want to make your brand really zing.

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