Market Strategy 

Know your audience better than they know themselves

Start in the right place by sizing the market and understanding trends and characteristics. We use behavioural segmentation to identify true market potential and build audience profiles to pinpoint opportunities for growth.

Ask the right questions

Who are your audience? 

Without knowing your audience, you can’t optimise your approach. Identify and target your audience with a bespoke, informed strategy.

How do they think?

Knowing your audience is one thing. But to make smart decisions based on valuable insight, you need to understand how they think.

Get closer to your audience than ever before

How we do it

Audience & Shopper Insight

Identify what’s really influencing key purchasing decisions with a leaner, technology-enhanced approach to audience & shopper insight.

Segmentation and Personas

Predict your customers’ every move and unlock your market potential with a behaviour-based approach to segmentation and persona creation.

Proposition & Product Testing

Test products and concepts that hit real needs with advanced behavioural-led methodologies and techniques.


Award winners for more than 15 years.

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