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From choosing an energy provider to placing a bet, every decision a consumer makes can be understood and predicted with the right expertise.

Skipton Building Society

Case Study

Transforming brand fortunes

If Skipton Building Society were to meet their ambitious growth targets and help more people save for the future, they needed to appeal outside of the North, and attract younger customers. In order to achieve long-term commercial growth, they enlisted the help of Trinity McQueen. With a carefully conceived and executed research, we proved their case for investment, whilst securing an MRS Award for Financial Services Research.

“This is an exemplar of research methodologies being tailored to category. Excellent work that changed the perception of the client.”

– MRS Award Judges

Fred Olsen Cruises

Case Study

Strategic segmentation study

Following a period of unprecedented challenge and change wrought by the global pandemic, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines wanted to ensure it was well placed to succeed in the market that emerged. To help the business pursue a successful market share growth and acquisition strategy, we carried out a strategic market segmentation that was driven by attitudes, motivations and needs to help identify the most attractive segments for Fred Olsen to target.

“This is an incredibly robust piece of work that will be pivotal in helping us grow our brand”

– Jackie Martin, Marketing & Sales Director