The world of travel hates uncertainty

How will you leverage consumer confidence? 

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make confident decisions in the world of travel – both as a business and a consumer. A wide array of factors have been jostling to destabilise the travel industry over the last two years, leading to new expectations and behaviours that need to be understood.

Get inside the mind of the holiday maker 

Holidaymakers hate uncertainty. Unfortunately, uncertainty hasn’t exactly been in short supply in the last couple of years, with society being endlessly hit with one hugely disruptive international event after another. How has this reshaped behaviour in 2023?

Understanding the change

Sector turmoil 

Pandemics, strikes, folding airlines, delays and cancellations. These base level changes to the industry need to be understood to predict behaviour.

Changing expectations

Holidays fulfil different functions to how they once did. Trips away are now just as experience focused as they are destination focused, and the frequency of these holidays is changing.

Brand confidence

Uncertainty within the industry makes it difficult to make bold decisions and offerings. Understand the change, understand the behaviour, make the right choices.


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