Product Testing & NPD


In today’s dynamic market landscape, the importance of robust product testing practices cannot be overstated. With discerning consumers seeking value, quality, and reliability, implementing rigorous testing methodologies is not just a choice, but a necessity to ensure your products meet, and exceed, the expectations of a savvy and ever-evolving audience. 

With 26 years of product testing experience, you couldn’t be in safer hands

Our dedicated specialist product testing team understand the importance of your research, and of getting it right, every time. 

Our category experience ranges across confectionery, biscuits, hot beverages in and out of home, alcoholic drinks, breakfast cereals, dairy, baked goods, ready meals, health and baby care, and more.

Unlock consumer preferences with actionable insight at all stages of the product life cycle

From preference mapping to product renovation, we help brands understand what it is consumers really want. With product testing research, behavioural analytics and the latest qualitative and quantitative methods.

As brands are increasingly squeezed between commodity costs and consumer expectations, we give you the confidence to make the right business decisions based on proven evidence.

Data led, behavioural focussed

We use a range of exploratory qualitative and quantitative solutions to understand what consumers really want from a product, and how it performs against expectations, combined with behavioural techniques to establish their emotional connection to a brand or product.


Product benchmarking

Similarity/difference testing

Product renovation/optimisation

Preference mapping & sensory research

Concept product testing 

Our network of trusted partner agencies across over 40 countries ensures local market expertise, with all projects coordinated centrally from the UK.


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