What can brands and retailers learn from Black Friday 2023?

How did Black Friday shoppers behave in 2023? 

In our latest report, we explore emergent themes and behavioural trends that we observed during Black Friday 2023.

Whilst some recurring themes persisted, consumer behaviour has taken some interesting turns in what has been an eventful 12 months. In our online survey, we asked 1,000 adult shoppers in the UK about all things Black Friday, including their participation, engagement, behaviours and attitudes. 

What can brands and retailers learn from shopper behaviour and attitudes during Black Friday 2023, to strategise for 2024’s upcoming event? Check out our 5 key takeaways below.


5 key takeaways from Black Friday 2023

An eagerly anticipated event for many – Black Friday seeds should be planted early 

Many shoppers started thinking about Black Friday earlier than last year. Retailers should plant the seeds early to give time for buyers to set their sights on what they want to purchase when the sales roll around.

Brands should leverage social media to build interest and inspire plans to pounce on the savings. By planning marketing communications early, brands and retailers can nudge consumers into making early buying decisions, before the competition gets there first.

Black Friday shopping is increasingly purposeful – so retailers need to muscle their way into plans

Shoppers were more discerning than ever in 2023, meaning retailers needed to be on their best game. Shoppers weren’t particularly spontaneous in 2023 as they upped their research more than in previous years.

Being visible at the start of the decision-making process will give retailers a greater chance of getting on the list. Many buyers weren’t swayed by temptation, so solving a need will encourage more purchases.

There’s no loyalty when it comes to Black Friday sales

Take nothing for granted. Retailers relying on loyal consumers to shop with them on  Black Friday may be disappointed. Many shoppers were open to purchasing from brands and retailers they don’t normally use.

As well as good prices, brands could consider additional rewards and benefits to set them apart. Incentives such as loyalty points, cashback, free delivery or collection to seal the deal in fiercely competitive markets. 

Most purchases are planned – so make it easy for shoppers to buy what they want

Online remained the number one way consumers shopped on Black Friday. Brands and retailers should ensure seamless navigation in store and online, including sufficient product availability.

Enabling shoppers to find what they want and fulfil their intended missions with easy shopping experiences will help consumers along their decision-making process. 

Black Friday kicks off Christmas shopping for many

Embrace the Christmas kick-off. Many shoppers used Black Friday savings to kick-start their Christmas shopping and work through their lists.

Brands and retailers should use communications to put Black Friday firmly in consumers’ minds, to steal a march in securing their share of the Christmas wallet.

For full insight into consumer behaviours and attitudes during 2023’s Black Friday period, get in touch with Teodora Terzieva – t.terzieva@trinitymcqueen.com