Say do gap

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People aren’t always conscious of the factors which lead them to their decisions. That’s why so many of their stated attitudes differ from their observed behaviours.

How can you make informed decisions based on true understanding?

Closing the say do gap

Ask the right questions. Listen to what people say. Observe what they do.

Request a copy of our latest book, in which we apply a behavioural lens to understand why people are poor judges of their own behaviour, and how this can lead to misguided business decisions.

About the author

About the Author

Simon Shaw is an award-winning market researcher with over 20 years’ experience helping global businesses, major charities and government departments humanise their business decisions. An expert in using the lens of behavioural science to solve today’s biggest marketing problems, Simon believes researchers should be methodology neutral, embracing new tools as well as a human touch to navigate a data-rich world. 

Further Work

As well as co-authoring The Market Research & Insight Yearbook: Transforming Evidence into Impact (2016), Simon has also contributed to publications such as Behavioral Scientist, Campaign, Advertising Week, The Drum, MRS, WARC, CIM, ESOMAR Research World, IMPACT, AURA and AQR In Brief.

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