Deceptive patterns: exposing the tricks tech companies use to control you

Written by Simon Shaw
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The Positivity Prescription

Recommended by
Alice Carver

The Positivity Prescription

Who doesn’t love a bit of a positive news? In the current ‘permacrisis’, it’s easy to get lost in endless stream of negative news. A welcome dose of positivity goes a long way towards brightening my day, and according to this study, ‘good news reports can make negative news more bearable.’ Give yourself some balance. 

Here are some of my favourite sources of positive news. Add these links to your bookmarks!

Recommended by Alice Carver, Qualitative Research Manager. 

5 Questions in 5 Minutes: Stephen Bayley

In conversation with the Design Museum founder Stephen Bayley.
Presented by Paul Barrow

What makes a successful ad? In a new series, we apply our BEACON ad content analysis framework to some prominent recent examples.

Written by Jack Hollis

The devilish allure of Lucky Saint

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say do gap

Simon Shaw’s latest book explores the behavioural logic behind the Say Do Gap – the disparity between consumers’ words and actions that haunts market research.

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“People don’t always do what they say they do. Are you asking the right questions in your research?”

Written by Simon Shaw

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